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power cord says plugged in but not charging
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  1. Do you have a question? A power cord can't be charging, but I'm pretty sure that isn't what you meant.
  2. thanks. thats really interesting.

    If you tried phrasing a question such as:

    I have 'xxxxxxxx' laptop and lately it seems ok, and runs fine from the AC adapter, but the battery wont charge - can anyone help?

    you might get a better resposnse, also try putting some info in the subject for your message like:

    Help - laptop battery not charging....

    and more people interested in the subject might answer

    Its going to be one of three things in my opinion:
    1) the battery is dead - or the connections are faulty
    2) the charging circuit on the laptop is dead
    3) some error involving the ACPI powermanagement and the vendor supllied power management software has occurred

    I'd say 3 is less likely, 2 is unfixible unless the laptop is under warranty or you fancy taking a chance and throwing a hefty sum of cash at it, 1 can be tested out fairly cheaply and fixed fairly cheaply by a decent computer repair person.
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