Phenom clock speed for gtx 260 SLI?

Hi, I have just purchased a phenom 9950 2.6 Black Edition (unlocked multiplier) cpu, and am thinking of getting another gtx 260 for SLI.

Just wondering what sort of overclock I would need to make this worthwhile? I've read that for an intel quad, 3-3.2 clock speed is about right, but found little information for this processor... although expect it to be more.

As an aside, what sort of clocks have people been getting with this cpu (its the newer 125w model) on air cooling?


4 x 1 GB Corsair Dominator ddr2 1066 pc8500
260 GTX, 216
Corsair TX 750W power supply
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  1. what really matters is your monitors resolution.

    at 1280x1024, your cpu clock will make a large difference in frame rates.

    at 1680x1050, the same thing applies.

    1080 and above, the difference will shrink but so will you overall frame rate.

    My recommendation is to overclock as far as stably possible. if your motherboard has the SB750, you should get above 3Ghz. if not, then you might be bottlenecking your cards abit. Although im sure you games will be very much playable. Actually, every game should be maxed (with the exception of Crysis, duh) .
  2. and gta iv also haha
    well i mean the draw distance
  3. Ok cheers....i have a massive 28inch monitor (a bit unnecessary i know) so will want to play at high resolutions....In which case i think I'll go ahead and get another gtx 260...although i don't have the SB750, its a 750a motherboard.

    I was just a bit worried the difference would really be marginal and not worth it, but even if it doesn't scale particularly well without a + 3.0 overclock, as long it makes a reasonable difference i'll be happy!

  4. No probs. you will see an playable difference adn i think it will be worth it.

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