*NEW* EVGA GTX 280 Superclocked for $211!!

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  1. That's just crazy! Why would they price it that low? Cannibalism anyone?

    Either that or the gtx 295 is going to reign supreme.
  2. i wish they had those prices in england, cheapest evga gtx 280 1gb is £330 :(
  3. geez and i just bought 1 for 400$ smackers.. :fou:
  4. Meh. Perhaps they are trying to clear stock on the more expensive to produce 65nm GTX280 in favor of another card? I remember something similar happening to the 320mb 8800GTS just before the 8800GT came out. Now the 320mb 8800GTS costs 3 times as much as competing products from NVidia and ATI...
  5. there not 211 i was about to buy 3 right now lol
  6. earlier when i checked i swear to God its was $211!! must have changed it or there were Very limited and sold?

    if you want 3 possibly ? - http://www.desktop-pcs.com/EVGA-GTX-280-PSU-Upgrade-Bundle/M/B001N879MA.htm
  7. This price was a mistake. They fixed it now. Stupid me for not buying it fast enough.
  8. i saw 280gtx on buy.com for $220
    i think nvidia just wants to sell then out since prices were high and people bought ati cards
    they want to sell them out since 295gtx is out and the 285gtx (dieshrink) is coming out
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