How to apply tim with hyper tx3

Because the tx3 is a hdt cooler I can't figure out how to apply the thermalpaste.Should open areas between the heatpipes with as5 and then put a drop at the size of a rice grain?
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  1. My CM hyper 212+ has a similar heatpipe arrangement to yours. I cleaned the CPU and base with rubbing alcohol using a coffee filter, then applied a haze of AS5 to the CPU and the HSF heatpipes, then applied a drop of 1/2 grain of rice to the center of the CPU. You do not have to fill in the areas between the heatpipes.
  2. Thanks.I'll try it when my as5 gets delivered.
  3. I'm not English or American so could you tell me what do you mean by haze?Google translate says haze is fog.
  4. Just a very thin coating.
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