9800gt + Panasonic TH42PZ85 plasma problems

Hello all,
First off thanks for taking your time reading this.
All help is much appreciated!

The OS is Vista and I have dual Nvidia 9800gt's in sli mode on my Asus Sriker II extreme motherboard.
Main display is BenQ W2400 which is working well.
I had my Panasonic TH42PZ85 connected as the second monitor earlier and it was also working good via the dvi->vga setup.

Recently my hard disk went bang and I did a clean install on vista.
I hooked the TV on to my video card and nothing.
Vista and nvidia cards didn't even seem to detect my plasma tv.
A hundred restarts later a second display "generic non-pnp display" appeared in my device manager and an "Analog Display" in the Nvidia control panel.

I was overjoyed until i tried to extend my desktop...nothing.
The tv's sync method used to be set to "H & V" when it was working well, but now the TV doesn't even detect the signal when I try this "correct" sync method.
Setting the sync to "On G" displays a horribly distorted greenish and flickering picture which has parts of my background image.

I've battled with this thing for 2 days straight now, so you can imagine how grateful I am for all advice.

Here's a list of things which I have already tried (each a dozen times):
Manually changing the "generic non-pnp display" to "generic pnp display" in device manager. Didn't help.
Changed my dvi->vga setup to dvi->hdmi setup. Didn't help.
Uninstalled all previous drivers and cleaned after them with DriverSweeper. Tried this procedure with 8 different versions of the nvidia drivers. None of this helped.
Disabled sli, didn't help.
I've played with all possible refresh rates and resolutions, nothing helps.

The whole setup is:
q9550 cpu
Asus Striker II Extreme
2gb ram
2x Gigabyte's 9800gt
Vista Home Premium OS
BenQ W2400 TFT screen
Panasonic TH42PZ85 Plasma Flat Panel TV

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  1. Still wanted to point out, that all kinds of ideas and suggestions are appreciated.
    No matter if you don't think you have the actual fix.
    I'm all out of ideas.
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