OCing 9600gt low profile . .

I want to ovverclock my 9600gt my stock specs are 600/700/1500 . . please help . . want to do it through nvidia tools. .
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  1. Dont... it has the low profile cooler which means that its temps will be insanely high, just leave it @ stock and buy a new card when money becomes available.
  2. what should be the temps? my idle are 49c
  3. after ocing to 733/734/1650 and 85% fan speed the idle temps are 47c
  4. Stress it with furmark. make sure your temps don't go above 80'C


    Dont know how long your card will hold up

    Good luck!
  5. Well those idle temps are very good but load could be a issue. Take off the side panel and check to see how hot the vrm is getting. It is towards the rear and has its own little heatsink. These low profile cards were not meant to be doing any heavy overclocking.
  6. What are load temps? Those temps for idle aren't that bad, but its 85% fan speed. Try stresing it with games and benchies.
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