i have a new AMD ATHLON II X2 240 on a ASUS M2N68-AM PLUS.It's orginal speed is 2.8 GHz.I overclocked it to 3.37 used to use 1.4 V now it uses 1.520 V.IT has a HT link of 1200 has a bus speed of 240 MHz,multiplier of X 14.How much power can i use maximum on this motherboard in this cpu.
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  1. Your CPU's max safe voltage according to AMD is 1.425v I believe.

    I've seen people go up to 1.55 but I wouldn't recommend it without carefully monitoring your temps.
  2. If you are considering doing this for long term use I would not go over 1.5v. As Raidur notes, please make sure you monitor your temps.

    As a general note, I have found (at least with the chips that I have had) that the sweet spot for these chips is at about 1.4v, and that any incremental speed is not justified by the extra voltage you need to throw at it. Do you need to go all the way to 1.52v to keep it stable at 3.37ghz?
  3. My X2 240 is undervolted to 1.37 @ 3.2ghz. the new Athlons are very good at undervolting and at the same time reaching decent clockspeed.
  4. my x2 240 run @ 3,43 ghz with voltage 1.408 and it's stable... i using biostar ta790gxb...
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