DVD RW Optical Drive that will install windows 7

Hi all,

I'm building a new pc and while searching for an optical drive I've noticed that a few seem to have issues reading windows 7 disks.

Obviously this would be an issue if I don't have an existing OS (as I won't be able to download a firmware update for it)

Does anyone know of a decent DVD rw for around £20 that will read the Windows 7 disk and allow me to install it without having to d/l any additional software.

This is my first major build and id like to get it right first time!

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  1. Look for an LG drive. I haven't had driver issues with that brand...
  2. I recently bought this one http://www.ebuyer.com/product/176026 and it installed win 7 fine on my new build
  3. I was looking at that one myself. Cheers for the replies
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