Computer / Video Card problems

My System:

Custom build pc -
Asus Mobo
4gig memory
Intel pentuim 4 single core 3.0ghz
Diamond ATI Radeon 4870 HD OCX Black Edition
750w PSU

Problem Description:

I bought the card about 4 months ago from NewEgg, it has been running very hot though it has been working. I turned up the fan speed algorithm to 50% which seemed to work. But recently I reformatted and left the algorithm back to it's original speed. (The reformatting happened last month). It has been running smooth until recently for christmas I got a 750w psu which replaced my 500w psu. I put it in and everything worked as normal. I transported it back to school and when it got here it began having a problem. I can turn on my computer but right after windows xp boots up the computer will just restart. This is a recurring problem but after it happens several times I notice graphical glitches on screen which leads me to believe it is my 4870 and further deductions possibly lead to the heat. I opened the case and put a large fan next to it to see what that would do. The system still restarts.

Is there any suggestions as to anything I could do. Later when my friend gets back I am going to switch out graphics cards with a spare one to see if that leads to any further analysis.

If there is anything anybody could suggest it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.

-Zach Smith
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  1. Open it up and check that all the cards are seated properly in their slots and that all your power cables are properly connected.

  2. That's a power supply issue.....could be a bad one
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