Will my heatsink hit my RAM?

Im going to be building a PC soon, and I noticed that the RAM Im deciding to get may not work well with the HSF I need to get (will be unlocking 4 cores on Phenom II X2 555).

The Ram I'm getting has huge Heatspreaders that stick out a bit... Im wondering if they will interfere with eachother.

I was thinking of seating my memory into the other 2 slots on my Mobo if its blocked by the HSF but will that effect anything at all? Does it matter?

Heres Pictures of my HSF, Mobo, and Ram

**NOTE I believe the size of the Ram is something like 45mm
The PCB itself under the Heatspreader is only 30mm, which is standard, but it seems that the ram is 10mm higher than the gap between the fins of the CPU HSF, so thats why I provided the Mobo for measurments as Maybe the fan wont even cover the slots of memory... I saw that in one picture.
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  1. What heatsink are you getting?
  2. instead of blowing air through the HS try pulling air through...just flip the HS and the fan around. shrug...unless you're going fora push pull deal...

    you can save yourself the trouble and get yourself watercooling ^_^
  3. Alittle FYI for you. I got the same mobo and ram and for dual channel it actually goes into the BLUE slots. Yeah I know I thought it was going to be the black ones also but its not you should be fine.
  4. BAM! there you go =)
  5. nagle really! awesome man! i4yue, I dont have any money haha.

    Nagle Read this: do you have this specific model?
    ASUS M4A79XTD EVO AM3 AMD 790X ATX AMD Motherboard
    Also what amd cpu do you have? Just curious, if it is a phenom did you unlock any dormant cores with this mobo okay?
  6. Worst case scenario you can mount the heat sink facing the "wrong" way... it might cause case temps to increase a little faster if there's not a lot of case cooling, but otherwise it's not a really big deal. My cooler is so big that if I go with 4 RAM chips I'll have to mount it backwards =/
  7. I got the EVO V cant think of the specific one but the board looks EXACTLY the same except for the sata ports mine are right under the 24 pin. I got a zalman 9700 and Im pretty sure its 93mm from front to back and it fits just fine. I got a Phenom 2x4 945 so no unlocking for me but theres the option for other cpus
  8. I've built some i5-750's using RipJaws ram and Xigmatek coolers, and the fans did interfere slightly with the heat spreaders. I mounted the fans on the back of the coolers and let them pull air through the coolers instead of pushing air. Even heavily overclocked I didn't have any problems with temperatures.

    The first one I built I used a different Xigmatek cooler, and again the fan hit the heat spreaders. The Xigmatek fans mount with little rubber nubs and allowed me to raise up the fans a little bit to clear the ram. The temps on this one weren't as good as the 2 later ones but I don't think that particular cooler is as good as the ones I used later. But that machine is overclocked too and the temps are still well within the acceptable range.
  9. I actually have one slot of my RAM covered by the heatsink.. I rather pull the air up from below rather than sideways. =P. Colder air on bottom. In any case, luckily I was able to put it on the outside, as previously stated in the blue for both pieces =).
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