Power for SUPER X5DPA-TGM+ w/ 2 Xeon Processors


This is my first time ever posting so hopefully I can explain it right. My very good friend decided to give me one of his servers that he bought about 4 years ago from SuperMicro. The board is SUPER X5DPA-TGM+ and has two Xeon Processors running at 2.66ghz that is about all I got before the computer shut down. He said the computer is supposed to run faster but right now only has 1GB of DDR/ECC memory in it and it is (PC 2100) I think 266 MHZ.

Here is the issue, the power supply in there is a 430W InWin 20Pin with a 4Pin CPU connector. From what I can tell looking at the board this supply is not right for this machine at all. I did a bit of research and know I need a 24pin w/ an 8pin CPU connector but what I am not sure about is the wattage. I mean this thing is HUGE!

It had a DVD Rom in it but I guess there were cooling problems because a disc was stuck in there and literally melted... odd?

Does anyone have any recommendations on a power supply? I am going to be putting 2GB more of memory in it so I don't know if that makes a difference.

Thanks so much for your help!

MR :o
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    You need a power supply with 24 amps on the 12v rails.
    Server power supplies are different from Desktop power supplies.
    Not sure which one you need.
  2. So, it has to be separate rails for each 12V. It cannot be combined 12V. Like with the ATX12V/EPS12V combo Power Supply they have it on a combined rail. The rail thing makes it even more confusing but I think I am getting it now thanks to what your advice! Thank you so much for your help!
  3. It can be separate rails as long as the combined total wattage on the 12v rails is at least 288.
  4. Hi, I have this same board: the SuperMicro X5DPA-TGM+ with two 2.8GHz Xeon processors. I have 8GB ECC RAM (4x2GB chips). But when I was building it, I also needed a power supply. I went to Best Buy and bought the Antec Neo HE - High Efficiency 500-watt PS (with modular connectors, so I connected only what I needed in the machine). It's been running great for 4 years now and has made the transistion from XP-32bit to XP-64bit to Vista Ultimate-64bit to Win7 Ultimate-64bit. My real problem since this is the powerhouse of all my computers is the video card challenge. I only have PCI slots on the board, so I am limited to the type of video card I can use. Hope this helps, sorry I'm so late returning the post.

  5. Quote:
    I have 8GB ECC RAM (4x2GB chips).

    Whats the model# of those chips? where'd u get em? I've got (2) X5DPA-TGMs.

    One has dual 2.8's like yours, currently with 2X1GB PC2100 DDR266 ECC (Kingstons).
    The other has dual 3.06s but I'm looking for ram to max it out. (8gb setup)

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