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  1. This thread can be ignored or deleted. Its just a 280 GTX overclocked to match the 285 GTX, and projected benchmarks:)


    Got too excieted
  2. Another revision release? IT CANT BE!!!
  3. yes but this 1 is a good thing, its going to be under 400$ and consume less power:D plus apparently 10% faster:)
  4. GTX series cards have literally dissapeared from newegg. Their are only 34 of them now, 2 weeks ago their was 90. XFX dosent even have a GTX 280 listed, MSI only has 1 model period.
  5. the first to go in canada were (canadacomputers) when i went to the store bfg models from most of their stores (3 in toronto) which i could've checked followed by evga and xfx. The have alot of Asus left, but because they are the most expensive of the bunch.
  6. Its not that they are sold out. The have been removed from the site period.
  7. oh here they are selling out :P. sometimes they remove em from the site I've notice if they are out of stock:S so I dunno
  8. Newegg very rarely has out of stock product on common goods. And when it is its labeled with the grey "Sold Out" button with auto notify.
  9. I never shop there:p but I do remember the BFG 9800 GX2s not showing up anymore then over night they were there with 90 in stock and then gone again after a week in sept.

    Soooo I dunno:P
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