Does 790X (not GX) mother boards support Dragon Platform?

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  1. I think only 790FX, but 790X won't be too much different. The difference is the PCIe bandwidth. Crossfire is only 8x 8x on 790X and 16x 16x on 790FX.
  2. but can 790x run dragon platform?
  3. well, from the look of this webpage (if I'm reading it correctly...),,3715_15337,00.html

    both 790X and 790FX are considered "backbone" of the Dragon Platform, but with 790X for gamers and 790FX for enthusiasts.

    I do wonder if the combination would actually result in a performance increase over other MoBo/CPU/Graphic combination, though.
  4. pokeguylow said:
    but can 790x run dragon platform?

    As long as you have these parts, it is considered Dragon Platform:

    PhenomII 9x0
    HD 48x0 series GPU
    AMD 790GX / 790FX

    Consider that the only difference of 790X is 8x 8x PCIe Crossfire compared to 790FX, and no IGP compared to 790GX, you can come to your own conclusion.
  5. so yes?
  6. Yes.

    But I have not find any benchmark supporting that this configuration is superior to others. It does sound very cool, though, to run a "Dragon" platform.
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