Can you run two 4870's in CrossFire with different amounts of RAM?

I just put together my first build and I'm somewhat of a newbie. I bought all my parts through Newegg, including my Diamond Radeon HD 4870 with 512MB RAM. Well, I want to get another one and run in CrossFire, but I noticed the the one with 1GB RAM is actually cheaper than the one that I bought. If I go with the 1GB version, can I run these in CrossFire even though they are not *exactly* the same?

1GB version - $269.99 (4870PE51G)
512MB version - $290.99 (4870PE5512)
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  1. I think you can because they run the 1gb with the 2gb X2 but im not too sure google it lol :p
  2. Yes but you wont end up with 1.5 GB Ram, see the sticky at the top of the forum

  3. You can crossfire the cards with no problem, however the one with 1 gig of ram will drop down to mimick the other card so you would only be utilizing 512gig of ram on it. Basically it would be the same as crossfiring two 512 meg cards. You will definitely get a performance gain so I would say go for it.
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