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Right now I am in a bad tension and stress I hav a Gigabyte G31M-S2C (usually S2L in US and Europe) MOBO, a Q6600 processor running at 2.4 GHz (all settings and everything is stock) and (currently) I am running one OCZ Gold series 2GB 800 MHz DDRII RAM and hav brought another same stick to run on Dual Channel. The problem starts here one of my friend has tried doing so and he ended up getting blue screens and also ruining the RAM stick. I am not sure if the RAM he brought was already defective, because he is a loser when installing RAM's. Still when I asked local computer technicians they said that It is better to change the Motherboard. According to them the motherboard is not good enough for running 4 GB RAM at Dual-Channel.

Now My question to u all is that should I or should I not run both RAM sticks at Dual Channel
Is it time for me to change my MOBO...........help and replies are greatly appreciated...........BTW I am also planning to run a Gigabyte 9400GT (1 GB DDRII) GPU.............

one more thing can u also tell how much power should I consider for a new PSU.........thanks in advance.
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  1. MOBO will work with 4G in dual channel... May want to get latest BIOS - board is pretty old...

    Computer media seems to miss one of the most important guarantees to success with builds/mods: GROUND PROTECTION! Every time you're 'inside' your system, you should, at the very least, be wearing a ground bracelet! The cost of the thing will likely be less than the shipping... Power supply should be plugged in to a three-wire outlet with a 'known-to-be-good' ground connection - once again, a cheap outlet tester will verify this; PSU power switch off, clip connector to wrist strap clipped on PSU bare metal...

    Of course, a full blown grounding station doesn't hurt:

    and this one cost me all of twenty dollars to fab, not counting the anti-stat mat, which was probably anther ten - light lets you know - for sure - that you're grounded, extra connectors let you clip to case, parts, whatever...

    Cheap insurance for expensive parts!
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