Can I use nVIDia GeForce 8400gs For a 22inch Wide Screen Monitor ?

Hey guys Am new here anyways need a little help and Advice on my graphic card !

Pc Config - Intel(R) Pentinum(R) D Cpu
2.67 Ghz 2.00Gb of Ram
nVidia Geforce 8400gs 512mb
Xp sp 2
P4 Processor
I know not a good config :( For a Gamer


K here is the problem i was using this nvidia 8400gs for like 1 year in 15 inch monitor i decided to by a new monitor and i bought this 22inch WideSCreen and then i was using this monitor and using it in full res on my Desktop (1650x1050) and was playin games like warcraft 3 and Call of duty 4 [not on low res but medium res like (1024x768) the games were all working fine

I also Work in gaming College so i was using softwares like AUTODESK MAYA, Unreal 3 Editor,

one of my Friend told me to install SEXYBEACH 3 Game :P and play it That game when i started it i got blue screen twice when i tried it and then i uninstalled it . my graphic card got overheated and full doted display was shown and i had to replace the graphic card for a new one .

now i have got a new one but The problem i I WANT TO USE THE 22 INCH MONITOR

i dont mind playin games in LOW RES
can i play games in Low with this config in 22inch widescreen?? !!

I ll be using this config for like a month or so coz i ll be leaving this country in 1 or 2 months for higher studies . i ll by a new GOOd GAMING high config comp over there .

pls help can i use the {22inch Wide SCREEN} For games to play in low res ?

KashifAhmed Aka NeCROn
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  1. well buying a big monitor and running it at a lower resolution somewhat defeats the purpose of it, but it'll still work, but dont expect any kind of good gaming performance above 800x600 with a card that bad. you'd really benefit from investing in a new one.
  2. well i Will invest money for sure !! once i leave this county . My lil bro will use this comp So until then

    will i be able to play games on this monitor !! with this Gfx ?
  3. Well, you may, but just not well.
  4. you can but without all the games could offer to you. if i had that set up i would be only playing dotA on gArena only
  5. nVIDia GeForce 8400gs is a great choice for a 22inch Wide Screen Monitor
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