Slow HD video off of WD Caviar Black 750GB...

Alright I'm having a horrible little problem with my 1 year old WD caviar black 750GB hard drive.

I record football games off of WMC to my hard drive and the HD video that plays off of it is incredibly choppy and slow. The files are very large but I've never had a problem before.

I'm using HD tune pro to check for any errors.

I've already checked AAM and it's set as high as it will go.

My reallocated sector count is at 199. It says warning.

The HD video plays fine on my other hard drive.

Now it gets really weird and confusing.

If I try to watch them once, it works! But as soon as I try to fast forward or anything of the sort, it goes right back to being choppy and slow. This is off of WMC.

For some reason certain Windows media HD files are working off of this drive now. I can watch them with no choppiness.

I can use windows movie maker to compress files to another format and then send it to my other hardrive. They work just fine, but in each video theres a point where the video has an error and quits. It's only one error. I can skip ahead of where I know the error is and watch the rest of the video.

This is very weird and confusing.

The HD tune pro benchmark for read times says a max of 5.0mb/s with an average of 1.1. It said I have a random access read time of 11.9.

I couldn't get tech support today because the tier 2 guys wern't working so I have to wait till tomorrow.

Thanks for any help!!!
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  1. A reallocated sector count means that your disk has been unable to read data from 199 sectors and has used some spares in their place.

    If your drive is degrading, it could be having to retry sector reads several times in order to get a positive confirmation on the ECC codes, if so that could well account for some of your playback problems.
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