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I don't think im using the right voltages for a 3.2ghz OC any ideas where they should be?
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  1. i have mine @3.2 GHz on auto v in the bios, and it's 1.36 v. U can probably get it @3.4 with 1.4 v but u need a good cooling. anyway, 3.2 is a decent OC for q9400.
  2. Ah I was wondering if my voltages were to high. I had them at auto like your self and atm the moment im still running at 3.2ghz stable with 1.1625 as my volts and the temps dropped drastically from around 66C full load in prime95 to 49C full load prime95.
  3. Its usually best to set your own voltages so you know exactly what is being used. Also so you can get the voltage just right to minimize heat/power. Auto usually over-shoots the needed voltage.
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