PCi-e gpu undeteced after shut down n startin but detected on reboot

Ok here is the deal, i have a new gigabyte g31m-s2c motherboard,and i found the pci express gpu- (9600gso)-no display..gpu is not being detected at all.then i hit the restart button on my pc and -bang it had display..gpu was detected.then again i though t i shut down my pc ,it cudnt find my pci-e and enabled the onboard vga..
now its simple as that,everytime there is-
Shut down and ON = Onboard Agp
Restar or reboot = Pci - express
I have in my bios- "init display first- PEG" (tried PCI also with no luck)
and - "onboard vga- enable if no ext peg is found"
(the only other option there is to "always enable onboard vga", there is no other way to disable onbaord agp,as gigabyte mobo s are supposed shut the onboard card automatically upon finding the ext gpu--(according to their website))

so...im a little desperate here..please help..
i have reinstalled my windows and drivers with no luck..
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  1. Can you try another video card with your motherboard? Considering that your mobo is new, there may be a defect with it.
  2. I don't yet find a site/manual for that board (S2 & S2L listed, but no S2C), but you may want to contact them and see if a BIOS revision is available - sounds like a hinky auto-detect...
  3. Strangely enough , problem is fixed automatically..i thank Allah for that..
  4. That may be good, but it's important to understand why the problem occurred in the first place. Would you remember anything you did differently?
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