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Hey guys i finished my first build like 1 month ago, which i installed windows 7 home premium. I was talking to a guy i met online from playing a game. He offered to give me a free windows 7 ultimate key. I accepted it and typed it in, now it says i have windows 7 ultimate. I am wondering if this can cause any secruity issues, as i didn't buy this.
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  1. Probably, but the majority of us don't use illegal keys around here, and talking about it can get you banned. So your best bet would be to delete this post asap.
  2. It should not cause security issues per se, but will probably start telling you that your copy is illegal eventually. I'd change it back to the old way, you don't gain much by runing Unltimate vs. Premium. Plus Bill Gates is a nice guy that donates billions to charity, you should steal from Apple instead :-)
  3. Yeah what you are doing is wrong and your copy will eventually stop working as your key will not be valid.
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    I guess you didn't activate your new Windows key yet. So it will stop working anytime from 3days to 120 days from when you changed your key. Anyways if you ask that question you don't need the extra features of Windows 7 Ultimate, just use your regular Windows 7 home premium key.
  5. Ok thx for the answer guys, I'll change it back to home premium.
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