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I was looking to upgrade my x1950pro to a PowerColor HD 4670 PCS Edition 1GB DDR3 but i have heard about compatibility issues running direct x10 gpu on win xp pro (direct x9) i know im not going to get the visual quality of directx 10, im more bothered about frame rate and speed + running games in high detail without slowing right down. ( direct x10 backwards compatibility issues with direct x9) xp pro
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  1. None that i know of, im running a HD3850 on Xp at the minuite.
    Couple of things,
    First why a 1GB card ? The card has a 128 bit bus and as such cant really push the resolutions where the extra Ram would be used. Which leads to point 2 which is your display and resolution, as i said already the card wont push big resolutions due to the bandwidth limit so if you are planning on running a big screen then you need to be looking at a card like a 4870.
  2. would i see a huge difference over the x1950pro 512mb with the 4670? i will occasionally play it on a 42in full hd, but generally will be playing it on 20in pc tft monitor. will it play most games in high detail all settings maxed at a reasonable resolution?
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