Black/white creen after OCing my 5770

Last night I decided to OC my 5770 a little more. I got the core speed to about 960 and saw some errors from the gpu-tool. I scaled it back to about 930 and figured I'd be good to go for now as it was late and I was ready for bed. I shut down, but realized I needed to check a few things on line, so I rebooted my pc. I got it to post, wndows comes on, and I log on as usual. Everything appeared fine, but after about a minute, my screen went black, almost like my monitor lost the signal. I let it stay on for a few mins, but nothing happened, just a black screen. I got no message from the monitor that no signal was detected, just a black/blank screen. So I reboot again, get into windows, log in, can see my desktop, this time, a white screen appears. Same thing, just white.

Things I can do:

-Get into safe mode fine.
-I logged on as administrator fine. No black/white screen. Checked my device manager and it said my 5770 had no problems.
-I'm actually able to log into windows under my normal acct (ie as opposed to administrator . The screen actually goes black/white after about a minute of my desktop appearing.)


i5 750 oc to 3.2
xfx 5770
4gb gskill ripjaw 1600
asusp7p55d pro
600w psu (not sure of brand)
antec 300 case
acer 23" monitor (running at 1920 x 1080)
cm hyper 212 + HSF
windows 7 home edition

I'm thinking this is driver related, however, being able to log on as administrator with no problems makes me think this must be some kind of profile issue in windows. Your thoughts? I'm at work right now so I won't be able to test anything till tonight, but I'd appreciate some insight to this problem of mine. Thanks.
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  1. That's what happens when you OC too high. Just back it off a bit. Can be caused by either memory or core being too high. From my experience tho, memory tends to cause that more often, while too high core usually has artifacts first. Sometimes you can get higher mem speed with lower core, so if you had mem maxed out and then raised core even higher it can cause issues. Try running FurMark stability test for 3-5 mins at your chosen OC to test if it's stable. It shouldn't have significant FPS drops, but just stay within the same min-max range.
  2. I'm still having problems with my gpu. Everytime I log on to my acct in windows, as opposed to administrator, my screen goes blank. I'm writing this right now on the same pc, however, I'm logged on as admin. I just tested BFBC2 as administrator, and I'm able to run it at 1920*1080, with my gpu under device manager working properly. I'm at a complete loss right now.

    Steps I've tried:

    Uninstalled MSI afterburner hoping any profiles would be deleted so my gpu would start out at it's stock clocks. Nothing.

    Uninstalled drivers as admin. I was able to get into my acct, resolution was crap, reinstalled drivers, both drivers that originally came with the gpu, and the most recent. Same thing. I could see my desktop but after about a minute, screen goes black as if I lost the signal from the gpu.

    What's interesting and frustrating is that I can run things as administrator, but not on my personal acct. Which makes me believe that it's not a hardware issue.

    Edit: I tried throttling it back down via afterburner, but the screen went black before I could apply the settings. When I'm on as admin, I can open up afterburner, and it's at stock clocks, in which everything seems to be running fine.
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    That's... very strange. I agree it doesn't sound like a hardware issue since it works fine as Admin. I guess maybe you accidentally set some user restrictions on... something...
    Honestly I'm at a loss, sorry. Maybe someone else knows how to fix it.
  4. Hopefully. However, I turned off my pc last night and decided to do some searching on my iphone before I went to bed. I thought I might have found a solution, as there seems to be a known "Black screen of death" with windows 7, and a possible fix was to go into the registry. I ran back to my pc and booted it up. Logged on with my acct as opposed to admin and wouldn't you know it, the desktop appears, and everything seems to work. No black screen after about 5 mins of letting it sit, device mgr recognizes my card and it says it's working properly. I restart it, and the same thing, seems to be working fine.

    This morning, it appears to be working fine as well. Really bizarre. Funny that I'm hoping for the black screen just so I can fig. out what went wrong so I can fix it and not have to worry about it.
  5. So you didn't change the registry or anything?

    Wierdness man, but it's good that it works now.

    I did have a temporary issue with blank screen, but it wasn't even showing POST let alone getting to the windows login. Turns out unplugging the PC for a little while fixed it lol.
  6. Nope didn't change anything. Just logged in and it worked.

    lol that's funny all it took! I'm glad it works for right now, hopefully when I get into a game it'll stay working. That would definitely ease my mind.
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