Reformatting my laptop

My laptop's brand is neo. I want to reformat my laptop but I already lost the cd that came with it. Can I use the recovery disc of a toshiba laptop to install the OS? after installing the OS, I just downloaded the driver installers from the internet so can I just immediately plug my usb to install the drivers even if it has now antivirus yet?
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  1. as long as you downloaded the drivers from a reputable source there should be no issue with having no antivirus installed.

    as for whether toshiba recovery disk will work... I don't know try it, but usually you need the same brand recovery disk.

    you might need to just purchase a copy of winxp and install from that disk
  2. The restore disk probably won't work, many OEM restore disks do a check for hardware before running. Plus the XP key on the laptop won't always work with another OEM disk.
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