E8400 + 4870 both @ stock screenshot

hey guys,

i need a 3dmark06 default screen shot of an e8400 + 4870 both @ stock clocks on a ddr2 mobo only.

do any of you have one?

along with results of course.
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  1. Um not sure if it helps but i know i have a review somewhere that was done on a 8400 and with a ddr2 board that would include the card.
    I will dig it out if it would help any
  2. im thinking that it must be guru3d. but they dont have a 3dmark06 test.
  3. No its not guru3d. Anyway sorry but i just dug it out and they have the 8400 @3.6.
    Sorry to get your hopes up :(

  4. no prob.

    i found a solution, took me a dozen click @ futuremark ORB system. i found what i was looking for

    and thanks.
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