Jumpy USB Mouse but fine PS2

Hello. I am working on a Windows Vista Premium 32-bit system that a built for a relative a few months ago. The problem is that any USB mouse I connect is jumpy/skippy when moved across the screen. Randomly for a minute or two, it will smooth out and work great but soon returns to it's poor behavior. I tried the old PS2 mouse from the old computer and it works great. In fact, at this moment I have both connected and the USB is skippy while the PS2 is smooth.

Initially I used a Logitech 3 button usb mouse. Thinking it was defective, I switched with a OCZ equalizer Z but it does the same (took the Logitech and it worked on a different computer). I've tried numerous google searches on the subject and can't find a solution that works. Some said that it could be a printer driver poller but on this machine while having a Samsung SCX-4521F printer, it isn't running any monitoring software for it...just simple driver.

I've also tried just the generic mouse driver, same thing. Switched USB ports, no go. Made sure I was using latest chipset drivers.

Here are it's exact specs:
Intel E8400 CPU
2Gb DDR2-800 RAM
P5N-E Asus Motherboard (with latest BIOS)
Asus X1950 Pro PCI-E with 8.10 Catalyst
20x DVD Burner
Seagate 7200.11 500Gb
On-board Realtek sound

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Are you using a mouse mat ? I know some optical mice have problems on certain surfaces - this maybe more noticeable on a USB connected mosue... might be worth a try on a different surface
  2. Yeah it's on a mouse pad. It's a cloth one so there's no light reflecting back.
  3. Put a white paper on a hard surface and see how it works.
  4. baddad said:
    Put a white paper on a hard surface and see how it works.

    I will give it a try...
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