Hi, I my current system specs are as follows

Motherboard: MSI K9N2 SLi Platinum
Processor: AMD 9600 Quad-Core CPU - @ 2300 (WILL NOT OVERCLOCK)
Memory: 4x 2GB PNY DDR2 @ 800 5-5-5-15 (CANT BE BOTHERED TO OC)
Hard Drive: 3 x 500 GB 32MB Cache RAID0 @ 250Mb/S Both ways, 85MB/S Burst
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 260GTX 216 @ 655 / 1050 W/Fixed Shader
PSU: Cooler Master Extreme Power 650Watt (only a 4pin to the motherboard, and only 2 x 6pin PCI)
Computer Case: HAF932
CPU COOLER: Xigmatec S1283

Stock 200x200mm Fan in front, and on side
Stock 14Cm Fan on Back


Can buy a Swiftech 3x120mm Rad+WaterBlock+Pipe for $150AUD
A Pump of some sort
3 x Gentle Typhoon Fans

^^^ all mounted to top of case

A Phenom II X4 955 or A phenom II X6 1090T - dont know which yet
A second GTX 260 216 for SLi (with the OC it should be equal to or better than a 295) if I can find one 2nd hand
A Thermal Take LitePower 700W is available to me for my current CPU as a swap
More HDD's as my current array is a) full b) not backed up

well, the above is probably ALOT of information, if anybody that knows more about computers than me, can have a look, and shoot off some recommendations
it would be great, I will probably have AT MOST 1000AUD available to me, which is probably equivelent to USD800 as parts are more expensive here (even with exchange)
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  1. eek, bump
  2. The X4 955 and X6 1090T could be limited byt ur RAM and the HT link that support the AM2+ mobo.

    The SLI isn't a good option since u can have a better performance with a single GPU at the same price.

    What is my advice?, if u can re-sell all ur current part (except the GPU maybe) and build a new rig with AM3 mobo, DDR3 and the X4 or X6.
  3. I was under the impression DDR2-DDR3 was a very small increase.
    and with the SLi, I can get two GTX260 216's for about 400-420AUD
    A little under the price of a 5850, whilst SLi 260's (OC'd) will trump a 295.
    im also under the impression that 295 trumps 5870.

    thanks for your input correct me if i am wrong
  4. Like I say up, with DDR2 u are limited the HT link of ur rig to 2000, and with that u also limit the OC possibilities.

    Now, two GTX 260 in SLI are very good (I have one), but don't support DX11 and use more power that the 5850, is the same with the GTX295.
  5. Take two 5850, even 5770 in Xfire instead GTX260, if you want performance..
  6. Obviously you wont overclock, so why bother with water cooling. Skip the water idea and get a AM3 setup.
  7. daship said:
    Obviously you wont overclock, so why bother with water cooling. Skip the water idea and get a AM3 setup.

    erm, the list of things I included that I wanted to do, was change my CPU over to a 955 which, with the water I would overclock to 4Ghz (hopefully)

    and considering my board is a nVidia chipset, is it not a better idea to have dual 260's (more powerful than any single card out (except maybe a 5970))

    i should probably make it clear, I dont want to be selling parts, and replacing things, for little gain.

    selling my GPU and my motherboard, just to go dual ATI cards, which might have a slight performance increase of a 260, aint in my mind, the right thing to do.

    PS, Thankyou all for your advice, please keep it comming, I do plan on overclocking, unfortunetly with my current CPU It isnt possible, and the speed increase, in OC'ing my RAM, is negible.
    I just aquired myself a casecom true 720W 80+ PSU
    Im not sure if it is reliable, but, its got all the connecters I need, with a <2.5% Variance on 3.3, 5 & 12V lines.
  8. Lol you'r right, selling GPU and MB just to go with dual ATI is not good option. GTX260 is a good gard, with great performance in SLI, go with that.

    For me beter option is dual 5770 or 5850 but you alredy have one GTX260.
  9. how limited am I going to be in the OC arena, because this entire episode is going so I can hit that 4Ghz Mark.
    Im now considering selling basicly everything to start from scratch, what would you think I would get for

    4 x 2Gb DDR2 800 PNY
    MSI K9N2 Sli Platinum
    AMD Phenom X4 9600
    Xigmatec S1283
    GTX 260 216
  10. I live in the tropics, I can hit 4.3 on air, 4ghz with water is a walk in the park - on a sunday.

    try harder.
  11. obviously, I cant hit 4Ghz on my current chip. I am actually having issues getting it to post at 2.4 Ghz, how sad is THAT.
    Ive had this chip for many months, I am 99% sure that ive tried everything and my Current CPU will not OC at all.

    Do you think, If I just bought a AMD 955 and dumped it into my current setup (with the xigmatec) 4Ghz would be an option.
    I hit 33°C running prime95 and Furmark simulateously for 30 minutes+
    (my CPU coolder draws air from below, ie, the back of the GPU, thus heating the GPU is my best option to increase CPU temp)

    is this cool enough for 4Ghz, or should I invest in the water loop?

    I too live in the tropics, I live in Brisbane, QLD, Australia and although its winter now, anything below 20°C ambient, is rare.
    especially in my room with my computer, and amp running. I expect 40°C+ in summers.

    DirectX11 isnt a huge deal for me at the moment, considering how little DX10 did, and how little games got it.
    my personal oppinion is, until the next generation of consoles (especially the xbox) come out, with DX11/12/13 cards,
    programers wont bother, otherwise they would have to code the game more than once for PC and Console. that and pirating for console is miniscule compared to PC, so profits are higher...... thats just my oppinion on DX11, useless til the consoles catch up.
  12. i dont mean with your 9600, i mean with ur 955 / 1060t, you can esily.
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