2 Q's: Should I Upgrade & 2GB 4870x2 or Two 512MB 4870's


I am seriously considering buying a Velocity Micro Z55 and am unsure about a video card(s). My research (albeit I am a little brain) tells me that the performance is similar - most sites (Tom's Hardware in particular) choose the two 4870's as the difference in price is not worth the performance increase. I am leaning towards the 4870x2 because the price difference is inconsequential on the VM site and it will take up less room in the case. Opinions?

My current rig is a 9 month old Dell XPS 630 (32BitVista, SLI 2x8800GT's, 2x500MB 7200RPM HD 1TB total Raid 0, Duo E8500 3.16, 4GB 800mhz DDR2). I have a friend who will buy this from me leaving a net of about $1300 to upgrade to a Velocity Micro Z55 (64 bit Vista SP1, 2GB 4870x2 or two 512MB 4870’s, 2x500MB 7200RPM HD 1TB total Raid 0, i7 920 processor; 8GB RAM 1300mhz DDR3). Monitor Samsung Syncmaster T260. Is it worth it?

A bit about my computer use:
I am a gamer but more for MMO's (AoC and SWG). I am of the opinion that this system will be more flexible as far as upgrades go down the line. I enjoy being able to "wow" my friends when they come over (vain I know - but then again I am a l00t whore in SWG - I enjoy pretties - hehe). I do not do any "heavy" computer use outside of gaming. I like the pretty blue lights.

W.W.Y.G.D.(What Would You Guys Do)?

Thanks in advance




PS sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum
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  1. 1.If the choice is between 2GB 4870 X2 and 512 MB 4870 get X2. Or You could get 2x 1GB 4870.

    2.For the RAM it is 3 channel on i7 system so You should get 6GB (2GB x 3) or 12GB(2GB x 6 or 4GB x 3) and also might step up to 1600Mhz or 2000MHz to leave room for overclocking.

    3. I would recommend aftermarket CPU HSF and overclock get best out of Your system

    On the side note is there something that Your current PC can't do? It is quite good setup. You could just replace 8800GT's with 4870 X2 and overclock CPU to get more perfomance out of Your system and save some money. At least that is what I would do
  2. Most overclockers get close to 1450mhz on the memory, so you won´t need anything else then 1600mhz. I am going to build an i7 rig as soon as core i5 comes out just to be sure about everything and ATI/Nvidia launches a single decent video card capable of playing crysis maxed out. In my opinion (just me) 1333mhz should be fine. The difference will be better spent on a sound card like xonar, since the gains in FPS (in this case, frames per second) are bigger then a small bump on the memory speed.
  3. ainarssems said:
    On the side note is there something that Your current PC can't do?

    My current set-up does everything I want it to do. My thinking is that the new box has a larger upgrade potential - that I will be able to stay near the high-end of gaming longer with the i7 processor and DDR3 memory. I am only losing $500 on the Dell XPS by reselling it. Basically I would be paying $500 to rent the Dell for 9 months and upgrade to the Velocity Micro rig.

    Is the Velocity Micro system significantly more "future proof" than the Dell?

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. I do appreciate it.



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