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Hey guys,

I am looking to get a cpu cooler for my current LGA775 cpu and for future ones as well. As many others I stopped on the CM Hyper 212+. I read plenty of tests and reviews and it seems to do a great job at cooling which is perfect as my case isn't with the best ventilation.

Basically I cant seem to find it at a reasonable price. Its £19.95 on scan.co.uk but its not available at the moment and on other sites like amazon its close to £35, which is almost double. So I would appreciate if someone would show me where to find it at the ~£20 price.

I know the cooling is very good from it and it has a PWM fan. I want to ask how loud is it? Because no one seems to address that and would prefer a less noisy cooler. I know the fan is only responsible for the noise , but if I have to buy another fan for £10 more that wouldn't make this cooler that much cheaper would it :)

From reviews and forums posts I understand that the Scythe Mugen 2 is the next step up in cooling ability ( but its £35.96 on ebuyer.com) . I am sure the cooling difference is not that great, but I want to ask what about the sound difference ?

Then again if I can get the 212for £20 and a fan which is quiter and pushes more air for £10 that would be cheaper than the mugen.

So yeah, looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it:)
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  1. Warning, a new CPU cooler will not help you if your case ventilation is poor enough to prevent the proper exhaustion of heated air. An air cooler, regardless of quality, can only do its job if the air going through it is cool. With the cycling of warm air inside the case, even the best air cooler will fail you. You don't mention a video card, but again, without proper case ventilation, it will only add to your woes.

    What is the current state of your ventilation? How many fans, where are they positioned, and what direction are they blowing?
  2. Only one exhaust fan at the back, 120mm I think. I was thinking of putting another 120mm on the front, but these two are the only available holes I have in the case :)
  3. I have an elcheapo case (CM Elite 330) and while adding a front intake 120mm to the case, and replacing the rear exhaust that came with it helped my temps, it was the side exhaust mod (jigsaw cutout) that really dropped my case temperatures and keeps my parts cool. Every case is different, so take it one step at a time.

    Without proper ventilation, nothing will help your temps.
  4. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. The side fan sounds the best way to go, I will probably make a hole and install one there :)
  5. I had an overclocked Athlon II X2 240 (up to 3.5GHz and 1333MHz) with a 212+ with a single 120mm rear case fan and it was freaking awesome. Stock cooler it was running around 72C load. With the 212+ it was down to 47C load. A single 120mm rear case fan is more than enough. THe 212+'s single fan pointing back to the rear case fan is plenty to keep almost any processor nice and cool, especially at stock speeds.

    As you're in Europe, I can't help on price. NewEgg, here in the US, has it for a $35 which is quite a bit less than 35 Pounds (I have no idea what the ASCII shortcut for pound is - lol). I'd wait until it comes back down to the normal 20 price. Hopefully somebody else from your area can help you locate one.
  6. While it is definitely true that the 212+ really does help with exhausting out the back, proper ventilation is not just about getting the air out, but also getting cool air in.
  7. I dont have the pound sign on my keyboard too ! I just copy and paste it everytime :D

    But yes, of course there has to be air coming in as well. But the 212+ is guaranteed to reduce my CPU temps compared to the stock intel cooler I have, right ? (The one that blows down towards the chip).
  8. Assuming your internal case temps are not sitting at 50c, then yes, a 212+ will offer a significant improvement over the stock hsf.
  9. Then it wouldnt hurt :)

    And yeah, Ill get a case at a later point, thinking of CM 690 II Advanced, looks awesome !
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