K9N SLI V2 - 6/7 BIOS Beeps but system runs fine

My K9N SLI V2 beeps 6/7 times during boot and I'm trying to figure out why.

The system runs great, no crashes or ock-ups or anything like that.

I've searched the MSI site and landed here through Google.

Anyone got any idea's?

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  1. *lock-ups.

    Can't edit first post for some reason.
  2. I have the same mobo and the same problem. However, mine beeps any where from 2 to 4 times, but the systems seems to work fine.
  3. Are these real short "chirp" beeps? I just got a 790fx-gd70 and was getting 2 real short chirp beeps before the normal beep. Turns out msi thinks it's a good idea to make the system "chirp" beep for each usb device that you have connected to the motherboard. In my case, the USB keyboard and mouse. Unplug all USB devices, then see how many beeps you get.
  4. i have this too. And i must say i found it really REALLY annoying. Random beeps that kept changing (i have external harddrives) all the time. At first i thought it was broken or something. i hope msi doesn't keep doing this on their new mobos
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