How to be sure whether correct driver installed?


I've just bought a new PC. It's supposed to come with:

(i) an ATI HD 4850 512MB PCI-E graphics card, and

(ii) a Creative Soundblaster X-Fi XtremeMusic sound card.

However, when I look in Device Manager, and right-click on graphics and sound respectively, it reports the following cards as being installed.

(i) ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series (dated 03.07.08) and

(ii) Creative SB X-Fi (dated 26.04.07).

I'm not techy enough to be sure that these are the right drivers. I suppose I was expecting to see the actual cards named a little more precisely, and perhaps a referenc to '4850' series in the case of the graphics card, and a reference to the Xtreme-Music on the sound card (because Creative do various X-Fi Xtreme cards, as well as a more basic (and less expensive) X-Fi card.

I had to open the case because the vendor had forgotten to install my RAM upgrade, and while I was there I tried to check the cards. The graphics card does appear to be the right one (though I still have a query about the driver), but due to the positioning of the graphics card I couldn't see what was written on the sound card.

Can anyone please advise? I'm hoping this PC is going to last me 5 years or so, and I want to be sure it's all up and running properly from the outset.

Any help very much appreciated.
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  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for helping.

    Re: the graphics card, is this the screen you mean? I couldn't find a CCC screen with an icon in the bottom right hand corner. If this is what you meant, it still seems to be talking about the wrong series (i.e. 4800 rather than 4850). I'm not sure how to know whether they've installed the wrong driver, though.

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