Upgrade Pentium 4 to Quad or i7...?

Hi I have a pentium 4 cpu at a crappy 3.06ghz :pfff: and want to upgrade to quad-core, core i7 or any AMD equivalent like Phenom. What sort of mobo am I looking for and what prices? What requirements...? (I'm from the UK) any good websites you know of?

Thanks :) ! :kaola: :D
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  1. Would be easier if You had budget in mind and if we new what do You want to do with Your system. Look at i7 and Phenom II
  2. ainarssems said:
    Would be easier if You had budget in mind and if we new what do You want to do with Your system. Look at i7 and Phenom II

    I am interested in this also, however, I want to do it in a laptop (Toshiba Satellite 2455-s305 P4 ~2.6 GHz 533 MHz L1,L2=??). I would be content to get duo or quad CPU at same clock rate. I am a design engineer so I know the purely technical side of this, however, I don't know anything about the various CPU's available, how they compare and trade off, etc.

    Since there are laptops now being sold for a few hundred dollars with pretty decent performance, I would not want to spend more than, perhaps, $200, and would probably not be able to find a mother board to replace mine. I don't know if this is worth doing, or even possible...... I don't want to spend too much now because I would rather save up and buy a workstation level laptop later on. My application is that I run very technical engineering design software which really needs more speed than I presently get with this laptop, even though it was a good, top performing laptop when I originally bought it, it is slow now relative to what can be had with CPU's at similar clock speeds but with HT and multiple cores, etc.

    I run software such as Mathcad, Matlab, Simulink, various VHDL programs (chip design), etc. I am the CEO and CTO of a startup. I don't have much of a budget to work with right now as we have not obtained our funding yet; the economy prevented that from happening, just at the last minute. Hence, my needs greatly exceed my reach for now, unless I can find some way to improve this laptop.

    (actually, I run 2 of them in tandem; they don't synchronize or anything like that-I just run one application on one of them, the next app on the other, then leapfrog like that throughout the process. Would be MUCH better to just run it all on one machine, as present method is clumsy and I wonder if it really helps to run the two of them this way; there is a lot of "time overhead" doing this, but I am desperate!)

    I saw your reply in this thread and, since this is "on topic", kinda, I thought I would write to you and see if you know anything about what I want to do, or can direct me to a site which may help. I am studying the Intel site but it is very time consuming; I haven't any charts which contain all this information in one helpful row and column! I haven't looked at AMD, though, as I assume their chips are not plug-compatible with Intel. I guess I should take a look anyway, though...

    Thanks, in advance, for even considering my requests.

  3. get the phenoms... save some money to plant trees... you wont regret it.. cheers..
  4. @kosimov, you can't get any of the newer mobile core 2's because they run on a 800mhz or 1066mhz FSB which your lappy's motherboard won't support.
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