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I cant get my old info i need out of my old drive.I took the drive out of my Dell mid tower and installed it into my new build with the intentions of simply using the info,problem is all info I click on does not seem to work,I just wanna play the games that I had installed.Since this is a new build,I did not want to do a new install of all the info& games I already have.My old drive i am trying to get info out of is a Western Digital 300gb,10,000rpm Velociraptor.My boot drive I am using now is a Seagate Barracuda 7,200rpm 2tb.Help pleeze.I didnt want to use the acronis true image because it says that it would erase all the existing info on the Seagate.
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  1. You can generally not move a boot drive to another computer.

    You can generally not move a drive to another computer and run software off of it. Most software needs installed (not just copied) to run properly.

    Most of those games you are going to have to re-install.
  2. thnks for the is gonna take some time but its cool.I mean the only option is to use acronis true image to clone the drive onto my new drive.
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