Foxconn TigerOne Overclocking Utility Not Saving!!

Hi der

i am no stranger to overclocking so i decided to overclock my new (...okay abit old) pc . the specs are as follows

Winfast k8m890m2ma (basically a Foxconn mobo)
512 ddr667 ram
AM2 AMD Athlon64 3500+ (orleans core)

my first overclocking attempts were good i got it to 2.4ghz in the bios (stable). wen i pushed for 2.5 it crashed so scaled abit but now it wasnt stable anymore at 2.4 (weird!!) so i had to stick at 2.3. i den used the TigerOne overclocking utility to bring it up to 2.4ghz and it worked perfectly. but if i switch off my pc and put on again it reverts back to the bios overclock, even my fan speed settings get reset.

this is recking my brain and i really need some help plz


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  1. Easy fix here DO NOT USE SOFTWARE to overclock it is just no good.

    Your problems with getting your OC to 2.4 again might be or most likely is your RAM but also could be the CPU itself the longer a CPU is overclocked and the older the CPU it will start to lose its stability over time. But my guess it is your RAM that is your probably RAM is the first thing to start going when overclocking runnig it faster over its rated speed will obviously reduce its life span and over time will lose its abilty to hold stable. The difference between 2.3 and 2.5 are really not gonna be much of a difference in performance besides in benchmarks other than that you will see no real world difference.
  2. hey SAAIELLO

    thnx for ur reply , shud av figured dat those overclocking software were no good. the ram is a some no name brand so you could be ryt
    now its running at 2.35ghz although i dnt see da difference.

    thnx again

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