New video card won't fit on motherboard, suggestions for a new one?

Hi everyone,

I'm a little inept with computers and I ended up buying a new video card (Sapphire Radeon HD4870) that won't fit on my motherboard. Basically the new card won't fit because it interferes with two of my SATA connectors (and even then it won't go in without pressing on them).

I don't know anything about motherboards (my brother built my comp) so I was wondering if someone could recommend a new motherboard that would suit me (~$100 US).

My specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 @ 2.53 GHz
4GB RAM (in two slots)
Two hard drives

My case:

Thanks so much
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  1. What motherboard do you have? Do you have more than 2 SATA ports?
  2. An ECS G31T-M. My new video card obstructs SATA2, 3 and 4.

  3. My SATA ports also are directly under my video card, but I have "softer" cables, and they simply bend over enough that the card will plug in and latch down. Good thing about it is, the cables cannot come loose :) I simply installed all the cables whether I am using them or not, and tied the ones I am not using up out of the way. That way if I need the ports, the cables are already there, and you don't have to fool around taking the GPU in and out.
  4. You have a mATX board, however your case can support up to ATX form. This might be a good time to upgrade to a P45 ATX board.

    Gigabyte EP45-UD3L $99 Free shipping - GA UD3x is a good line of boards for GA.

    Here is a good article to help you.,2110.html
  5. Thank you for the suggestions! I don't think the Gigabyte board will work though...the thingy (sorry dunno what it is) next to the PCI-X slot is too high
  6. Ok after looking at a bunch of other ones

    this is the only one i can say for sure won't be obstructed.
  7. Quote:
    I cant see replacing a mobo, a dead end s775 mobo at that, just to fit a video card. Get 90 degree sata cables, it would be a lot cheaper.

    Cant believe people are actually suggesting you get a new mobo. LOL

    Why don't you read all the posts, before you comment. The OP wanted a different motherboard, and folks are suggesting what he should consider.
  8. So I have the same exact mobo as this OP, and I'm looking at getting the Evga 260 today. I'm worried that it wont fit due to the sata ports as well. There are 90 degree sata cables? Maybe that will help, either way i'll know tonight if the card is going to fit or not.
  9. In my case 90 degree cables won't work. There's not enough clearance above the SATA port to slip in anything other than a sheet of paper.
  10. Quote:
    I did read all the posts before I commented. He wants a new mobo because the video card blocks his SATA ports, not just because he wants to spend money on something he doesn't need moron.
    Apparently reading comprehension isn't your thing huh?

    Take a chill pill. OP said
    I don't know anything about motherboards (my brother built my comp) so I was wondering if someone could recommend a new motherboard that would suit me (~$100 US).

    I gave him my suggestion, If you don't like it then make your own suggestion.
  11. Ok, enough with the flame war please. You've both been helpful. I did ask for mobo suggestions, but of course I more than welcome any workable solution.

    I ended up buying this one. It seems like it'll work. I kind of regret going for the Sapphire 4870 instead of the Gigabyte, since the Sapphire has this bulky plastic casing that just takes up tons of room.
  12. I have this problem

    I will just get a new motherboard

    the card goes over the huge 24 pin cable on my board
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