How do I save a folders content in outlook express to my desktop

how do i transfer a copy of my passwords from outlook express to my desktop please
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  1. Please explain the problem in more detail:

    You have an email that contains passwords ?
    You want to use the same password you use to geti into Outlook to log in your desktop ?
  2. No, what I do when I create a password for a website, I then send myself an email with the name of the website and the password in the Subject line and keep them in a folder in Outlook Express to refer to when needed. So what I need to do is place this folder on my desktop to refer to when needed. Otherwise I have to open my Outlook Express to view the list when needed.
    Thank you for your prompt reply
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    Hmmmmm ... you could try finding a free DBX extractor program that will read the DBX file and export a folder or message to your desktop

    Haven't tried any of these myself though .... good luck !
  4. Thanks heaps for your suggestion, will give it a try.
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