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Hi I just finished building my computer last night, everything running perfect at stock, updated drivers, and all that jazz.

So now I'm overclocking.

First I tried a 4.0ghz (191 x 21) @ 1.30v cpu core, 1.315v qpi/dram, disabling all of the recommended stuff, and manually setting my corsair dominator to 8-8-8-24 1.64v and auto everything else. I crashed on the 2nd loop of Prime95 on the CPU stress test.

I then lowered my clock down to 3.9ghz, everything else the same. I ran through 8 loops of CPU stress and then 8 loops of Ram stress on Prime95, so I chalked that up to being stable.

Currently @ 3.9, I'm hitting 37-42C depending on the core at idle, and 73-80C @ 100% load after a few loops of prime. I want to know if those temps are okay and if it is okay to raise my cpu core voltage a little to hit 4.0ghz, since that is what I'm aiming for. I know some people say as high as 1.35v cpu core is fine, but are my temps okay or a bit too high?

I'm coming from an e8400 @ 4.0ghz where I never made it over low 60s, although I know the i7 is different.

System Background:
i7-930 w/ Hyper 212+ Heatsink 2 fans in Push-Pull setup and OCZ Freeze
6 gigs Corsair Dominator
in a CM HAF 932

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  1. Todays chips are designed to take the heat and shouldn't really be compared to old CPU's. It's the same with graphic cards. I can remember my old GPU's running at like 25C, now they idle 10C above that ;]. Anyway.. after looking around it seems the average 4GHz temps on a i7-930 should be around 70-80C.

    I saw on one forum someone posting their temps which were around 69C - 73C and the comments were that they were really good temps.

    You should be fine to go to 4.0Ghz with that cooler, but maybe just have a look around to see if there are any deals on better coolers or a factory-sealed water system.
  2. Really dont think that cooler has anymore to give to you. Its best used in mid overclocks like 3.6 to 3.8ghz. as you have found out its starts to get toasty beyond that. Your case is plenty large enough its just a matter of your wallet at this point. Prolimatech Mega and Noctua D14 are the coolers that jump out when pushing 4ghz. The D14 tops every bench ive seen by 1-2c over the mega and comes in cheaper due to the cost of fans on the mega. I might be biased as i love my Noctua :)
  3. I was actually going to get a Noctua-D14 at first but people talked me into the Hyper 212+ and getting a 2nd fan because it was $35 vs $80 :o

    Honestly I'm fine with 3.9 and my current temps, which sounds like they're fine. 73-81C is what I'm hitting, just ran it through a 20 loop of LinX also and it was stable and those were max temps.

    I guess I'll leave it at 3.9 and see if I can move the voltage down a bit, since it seems like 4.0 doesn't like my current voltage and I don't really want to go hotter.
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