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Alreeeeet! I am in the process of making my own PC Case and will be upgrading my rig during this time. I have done quite a bit of research into all the modern day graphics and have found out that the 9 series nVidia cards are 8 series nVidia cards with abit of polishing =P and the GX280's performance for the price is not worth it besides all I want is 45-60fps in the games I play cause tbh...whats the point of having more? anyways!

I am going to purchase the ASUS P5Q-pro board and have purchased (still waiting for delievery) two XFX 8800GTS 512mb Alpha dog cards which in sli beats the 280 card and costs less then half lol!
I also have:
Q6600 quad core
Crucial DDR2-8500 ram sticks (2gb atm, will be getting 2 more GB sticks)
3 HDD's one being a WD 10,000rpm one with the OS on and one 500gb WD 7200rpm and 250 Hitachi HDD.
I currently have a OCZ 600watt PSU which has two PCI-E cables and the additional CPU power cable and is wondering, with running this new system will this PSU be enough? I will also be wanting to overclock my system as well and is wondering how my PSU will perform there and what advice you could give? as I am a newbie to overclocking.

Cheers and you help is appreciated.
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    The ASUS P5Q-pro supports Crossfire and not SLI.
    Get a Asus or Gigabyte 750i or 780i, which support SLI.
    For the power supply, see here:

    Certified SLI-Ready Power Supplies
  2. Please list the model of your OCZ PSU. I have a 700w GameXtreme and have 2 8800 GTS in SLI and have no issues. Remember, overclocking increases power requirements for the CPU in a non-linear fashion, so that may be restricting as well.

    Make sure you have an SLI board (750i or 780i)

    Check this out to get an idea:
  3. Oh god, how could I miss something simple like that lol.

    I was going to go for the Asus P5N-D nforce 750i but it says it doesnt support DDR2-8500 ram so that would put me in a pickle. I was also going to go for a XFX mobo called "mother" O.o but heard bad things about that board.

    oh and thanks huron for supplying that link! as I found out some interesting things! My current setup apparently uses 617watts O.O! (I currently have the 8800gtx) thats probably why I cant overclock my CPU which is easy to overclock past 2.6ghz as there isnt enough power?

    My psu is the one below yours I believe:
    OCZ Stealth XStream 600W PSU - SLI Ready ATX2.2

    I have heard that the Ram only effects the performance of games by 5% so isnt that important? but I also do like to multi-task alot, play music, edit graphics and so forth. I am guessing if I want to use my ram at its speed I will have to spend over the £100 mark on a MoBo. Ah well, quality comes with price.
  4. Get 4 GB of RAM. Get as much RAM as you can.
    Watch the limit of the motherboard and Operating System.
  5. This is a fairly realistic calculator. I would be surprised if your OCZ PSU didn't cut it. OCZ PSU are reliable, and 600W is almost certainly plenty for your configuration.
  6. I think 4GB is more then enough for me but my OS can support up to 8GB as its 64bit.

    I guess there is only one way to find out with the PSU. It seems to power everything well but when I get two of those cards and run them in Sli, the PSU would seem to always run near max which isnt good for its life span I'm sure? and limits overclockability?

    Many thanks for your help guys!
  7. ocz is a crap psu name, why the heck else would they buy out PC&C they need to learn to do it right so buy a PC&C or 750TX Corsair
  8. I've never had issues with my OCZ PSU, but PC Power and Cooling and Corsair are legit.

    I think OCZ comes in one tier below the top on most charts - I wouldn't consider that crap, but I guess we all have our own opinions.
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