Noobie Overclocking on Radeon 5570

Hello I'm a Noob at OCing Graphic cards and i was wondering should i use CCC's Auto tune or manually overclock i will give you my specs

(Most things is stock)-No aftermarket
Case (Come's with its own PSU which is 500 watts)

AMD Athlon II X4 620 no OC
4gb of 1333mhz RAM

Also is 120~140 FPS in Assassin's Creed good Everything is maxed Anti aliasing etc
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    Use MSI Afterburner then test stability and do benchmarks with furmark.

    MSI Afterburner Download

    Very easy interface pretty fool proof has fan control and can save different profiles its a great tool and dont worry it works no matter which brand GPU you have it doesn't have to be MSI card for this to work.

    Furmark benchmarking and stability test tool.

    Remember keep an eye on temps while overclocking also do it in small increments just dont ramp it up as high as it can go you could damage your card by doing that.
  2. What ASSIELLO said, I think that program is amazing... very easy to understand, great graphs, decent limits...
  3. You could also read through this if you are still lost...
  4. I'll be doing the same thing very soon! Already downloaded and installed the Burner, just need to run the tests every 10htz increment.
  5. ^ Good luck:D
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