HELP - New build - possible faulty GFX or RAM?

Hi all.

I built a new system 4 days ago with the following parts;
Intel C2D E8400
Asus P5Q Pro
OCZ 4GB (2X2GB) PC2-8500C5 Platinum Series
EVGA GTX260-216
WD Caviar Blue 640GB
Enermax Modu82+ 625W


I decided to run Prime95 on the night that I built the rig to make sure it was stable. I woke up and found it had failed one of the tests.

I thought it was the RAM not getting enough voltage, so I went into the BIOS and changed the voltage from AUTO to 2.1V. It thought it was stable after this because it passed Prime95 and IBT. However, while I was playing CoD4 one night the screen suddenly went a solid grey colour and the sound looped. I pressed restart and when it came back on the screen was still this grey colour. The motherboard made an error beep (1 long code followed by 3 short). I'm still not sure exactly what that means. Some people say it's No VGA/Bad video RAM, but I found a website showing AMI beep codes (AMI make my BIOS) and it says a possible RAM problem.
It didn't seem to happen again so I left it.

However, I was playing Crysis last night and it happened twice! The screen went a solid grey and looped sound. I restarted and heard the error beeps the first time, but the second time it happened I heard no error codes when I restarted. :??:

I decided to reseat the GFX card and the RAM and check all the connections in the PC which I did last night. I then tried Crysis again and it played OK.
I decided to run memtest86 last night and it just finished after 8hrs 45mins and it found 59 errors, looks like all of them were on test 5?

My RAM settings in the BIOS are;
DRAM Frequency; 1066MHz
DRAM Voltage; 2.1V
Timings; 5-5-5-18

Those are correct aren't they?
Does it look like faulty RAM?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. ^ Looks like a RAM problem (Since Memtest86+ failed). RMA the RAM.
  2. I forgot to add. After it crashed during CoD4 I ran the Windows memory diagnostics tool and it failed. When I got into Vista I was greeted with this message;

  3. Check your RAM. If you have a secondary computer (or you have a friend who has one, talk with them) take outh that one's RAM modules, then insert and try out each of your PC's RAM modules - one at a time - and give them a go in memtest86. That will help you identify any faulty modules. Return the faulty RAM modules, if they're still in warranty, and get new ones. I've also had the same problem with OCZ RAM, only my PC wouldn't properly install any program over ~500MB.
  4. I'd RMA the RAM for sure. Any RAM that fails memtest86+ when the timings and voltage have been set to spec is faulty. I RMA RAM if I get even one error at the recommended timings and voltage.
  5. How many passes should memtest86 do?
  6. I'd let it run overnight (about 8 hours). It seems like my system did somewhere around 20 passes in that timeframe. If the RAM has major issues it might show up right away. If errors show up right away, there's really no reason to keep testing. If it runs a pass or two successfully, just let it keep running for a while.
  7. I ran it for 10 hours last night, here is a pic;

  8. Looks like RMA time for your RAM. The timings and speed are set to spec. I'm also guessing the voltage was set manually for this run? I return RAM if I get even one error at the recommended speed, timings, and voltage.
  9. Yeah, voltage was at 2.1V.

    I'm going to run one stick at a time tonight and see what happens.
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