Computer Hardware Failure, Plz HELP

Hi there,
My home computer can't turn on, so I'm at the library with limited PC time. My home comp is a dell e520 with a 305watt PSU.

After I unplugged the printer, it suddently shut itself off, and now every time I press the power button, it doesn't turn on.

I opened the case, and I see the motherboard has a glowing orange light (letters STBY LED next to it). When I disconnect/reconnect the power strip, the power button flashes orange, but doesn't turn on.

Is this a hardware error, if so which hardware component? thxs
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  1. btw, nothing turns on - no fan, no mobo beep, etc

    There is only the orange light (not blinking) on the motherboard
  2. bump, srry I only have a limited amt of time on my current computer left
  3. you prob away home now

    A flashin orange light means either cpu, mobo or most likely I/O panel fail

    you need to call dell and get them to come fix

    if you are desperate you may be able to get it working by doing the following

    open the case
    locate the i/o panel cable where it connects to the motherboard, this is a flat grey ribbon which almost always connects to the board in the back right corner directly below the psu. it will have a yellow pull strap.

    with the i/o cable out make sure all leads are connected and insert the power cord, making sure the wall plug is on

    this normally bypasses the i/o panel on a dell and will boot the machine up if this is the problem. if not you are screwed im afraid :D

    nemisistfc at
  4. Hello, I've got nearly the same problem on my Dell Dimension 8300.

    It all started when I got blue vertical bars running down my monitor. I tried another monitor and same thing.

    Then I noticed the graphics card too hot too touch, so I took it out and cleaned it -- the heat sink was really clogged up with dust.

    When I put it back in, the computer failed to start, and I had the orange flashing on the on the front panel button.

    However, if I totally unplug the computer and leave it for 2 hours and remove the graphics card then it will boot up - just not everytime - it seems almost random

    I've read that 90% of the time this is due to a faulty PSU. How can I tell though? - It seemed at first to be a problem with the graphics card?

    Thanks for any ideas/experience.
  5. You could have messed up the I/O panel when you unplugged the printer which caused a mobo short. You'll need a new computer.
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