Automatic updates can't be turned on after Attack/hijack

yesterday eveing I realised my PC was attacked by XP Total
Security 2011 which after downloading /installing the latest MalwareBytes
antimalware was sucessfully removed HOWEVER when I finally rebooted I
noticed the red Microsoft security Alert baloon (with a X on it) in my
system tray and when clicked it the resulting screen warned that Microsoft
Automatic updates are turned off ( although the Firewall and the Antivurus
Protection are ON) and when I clicked "Turn Automatic Updates On" it siad
the Security Centre could not change the Auto Update settings and told me
to do it through the Control Panel/System which I tried but again was not
able to turn on the Auto Updates, and when I go to the microsoft update
servcie to initiate a download I got the Error number: 0x80070424.

Today when I switched on the PC I noticed that it didn't go through its
usual daily cycle (which normally starts 10 minutes after switch on ) and
you would see the wuaucult/svchot etc services updating things and
Microsoft Security Essentials also would update and normally this daily
housekeeping cycle lasts for 15-20 minutes every morning , but today it
didn't start which i beleive is linked to the same problem of the
Automatic Updates being disabled. I also can't see The Automatic Updates
service in the list of Services that are running on my PC ( when you type Run then services.msc).

AND also today I can't even manually update the Microsoft Security
Essentials virus definitions as I get the same Error code message as above
when I try to do it so I am worried for that aspect too.
Can you please help me repair whatever the hijaking has done to the
Automatic Update . :pfff:
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  1. Hi nsalman,

    It sounds like your computer is still infected.

    Try following this removal guide:

    It should help solve your virus problems.
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