Noob to Overclocking (strange BSOD?)

I've tried to overclock my i7 920 on a Asus P6T se. These are the settings I used.
CPU Ratio setting - 20
Speed Step - Disabled
BCLK - 170
PCIE - 100
DRAM - 1363 mhz
QPI link data rate - auto

CPU - 1.26250
CPU PLL - 1.88
QPI/DRAM - auto
IOH - 1.20
IOH PCIE - auto
ICH - 1.20
ICH PCIE - auto
DRAM Bus - 1.64

Ok, so that's what I did in AI tweaker, I recently had clocked it to 3.6, here its down to 3.4, but even when it's at stock I get a BSOD that says "a clock interrupt has not been received on a secondary processor within the allocated time period"

Can someone tell me if my settings should be good or not, or if I'm doing something wrong? Should I do anything to the PCIE under the BCLK? I have a 5870 GPU, I don't know if that means anything, but please help me somebody?
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