P5Q Pro No Video

Hey Guys,

I have recently configured a pc with the following hardware.

Windows Vista
1tb hard-drive
750w corsair psw
Intel q8200
4gb ram-4x1gb
Nvidia Geforce GTX 260
Asus p5q-pro

Basically it posts with no video, but it eventually loads the windows desktop, the problem is that SOMETIMES the bios screen shows, and other times it doesn't.. this is pointless if i was multibooting, as the boot menu's don't even show when the bios doesn't show.

I have stepped the installation back and forwards to no avail e.g alternative video card, different processor, different hard drives, 1gb-2gb-3gb-4gb and different combination's of ram, connected different hard-drives, no hard-drives, bare minimum configurations. but the problem is no particular part is showing fault. Ive tried all the components in different computers, so it leads me to believe that its my motherboard at fault. Is there anything I haven't tried before I go ahead and rma the board, and if i do send it back to them what would the reasoning be?
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  1. try clearing the cmos and have you also tried another monitor on it?
  2. i highly doubt its the motherboard causing the problem but you never know. try stripping down the system to bare minimum. build it outside with just cpu+hsf, memory and video card. Do not connect any extra peripherals like hard drive and optical disk drives. Boot up system to see if you can get into bios everytime. If you still have the issue, then i would say RMA it.
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