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Hello,I have Windows 7 Ultimate on a new computer system. Recently, I tried to install software from Sony Ericsson to read my phone. It
did not work. No surprise with Win 7! But now my orptiarc 7240 will not read a disc of any kind. Windows, even after a fresh install off USB drive, and on all partitions, recognizes the drive. It has a volume letter. I have tried everything in the Win 7 help forums. I tried re-"flash"ing it. Nothing works! What can I do short of buying a different, non-sony optical drive?
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  1. Excuse me for the typo. It's Optiarc, not 'orptiarc'. Maybe this will make it easier to search.
  2. Try running this diagnostic scan.

    If that doesn't help, your DVD drive may have bit the dust.
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