Q9550 - drastic differences in core temps

I have a q9550 @ 3.0 on stock voltages... anyone think this is okay? seems to be working fine so far for a couple weeks

Now to my main issue, My Q9550 core temps are all over the place!!! i have re-seated my Zalman 9700 4-6 times and core temps have not stabilized. My idle temp is 30C with the cores at 32 53 31 40.

Unless i am running Prime95 core 3 doesn't change from 31 (i think it like that temp)... also even with a overall temp of 30 core 2 does not ever drop below 51, seriously WTF!!!!

From my understanding, each core should be somewhere around within 4 degrees of each other... and my system shows these silly temps using both Everest Ultimate and Realtemp.

The only conclusion i have for this problem is that my mobo is having a difficult problem reporting the correct temp. should I request for another EVGA 780i SLI

Questions to answer:
Is that 3.0 overclock okay on stock voltage?
WHAT THE F*CK is wrong with my temps?

q9550 @3.0 c1 :-( , EVGA 780iSLi, 4gb ram @1066, EVGA core216 gtx260 SC
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  1. drastic? nah your ok
    3ghz is fine you should set the oc for 65c or 70c at max for 24 hours - in normal game play you see 45c

    drastic is 30 and 70c and that can be normal too! <if only 1or 2 core runs

    instead of reseating do some research - lol! 31c on prime 95 what a waste of good cpu

    jeeeze turn the speed up to 3.8gz runs, last triple sli q9550 i shipped last week ran prime 95 64bit version at 45c to 55c for 48 hours = depends on run condition sun position and other stuff that is on

    1.47v! cpuz said 1.41v

    turn up the fsb and voltage!

    only the FTW version of the 780i can run quad at high speed 8 phase power and better biod
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