1440 x 900 resolution needed

I work in a Mac environment but bought a (used) PC for the sole purpose of checking to see how web sites look in IE7.

The computer is fine: Optiplex GX 150 Intel Pentium III; 930 MHz; 512 MB of RAM, running Windows XP Professional v.2002, Service Pack 3. It has an Intel 82815 Graphics Controller.

Bought a new 19" wide screen monitor ... and it looks terrible. Apparently a graphics card that will support 1440 x 900 resolution is needed.

The only program that will ever be run on this computer is IE7, but we need a decent display.

Can you help?

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  1. any pci gpu should be fine. but why not just run parralles or whatever vmware program they have for mac? Anyway try this card.

    It's a nvidia 8400 gs. so the drivers should still be available. Also it's a half hieght card so pc form factor shouldn't be a problem. Also being pci based it shouldn't draw enough power to stress out the PSU. Plus it's practically guaranteed to work in your PC.
  2. Yeah, practically any card.
  3. Running a Geforce4 MX 400 at 1920 X 1200 :)

    Make sure your Onboard video has its graphics drivers actually installed.

    As said above, why not just run VM or bootcamp?
  4. Try updating the the Intel video drivers. Probably won't work since 1440 x 900 is a somewhat recent resolution.

    Otherwise buy a cheap PCI or AGP (if it has an AGP slot). Example:


  5. If you have any intel macs, make a seperate partition on one of your drives and install windows as a dual boot option on one of your drives using bootcamp. Most of the newer intel macs are coming with at least half decent graphics chips.
  6. Thanks to everyone who responded.The drivers on the PC are all up to date according to RadaraSync (http://www.radarsync.com). I used to have Windows installed on a Mac but I prefer the two-screen system and it was working great until I "upgraded" the monitor. So I'm looking for the least expensive video card that will support the 1440 x 900 resolution.
  7. confirm that the board does in fact have an AGP slot. It may also need a low profile card. This card should work.

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