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I had two WD 160GB SATA drvies in a RAID0 config on my 8400 (XP) running for a couple of years. Last friday one of the drives failed. WD diagnostics reported a SMART error while it reported the 2nd drive was OK. I bought two new WD 1TD SATA drives, installed them, configured as RAID1 (Mirror) and installed Windows7 without trouble. This morning, the RAID controller was reporting a failure on both drives. WD Diags reported error 7 (some read sector error). Is it likely that both of these brand new drives are bad or should I be looking at a MOBO/RAID controller error? If the RAID controller was going bad, would I affect the WD diagnostic results?
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  1. Two brand new drives failing at the same time is highly unlikely. As to the diagnostics report, I dont know. I would think that any errors created by a faulty controller would translate into errors on the diagnostics, although I would hope that the program would be reporting the errors as a controller fault and not specific to the drive, but I may be expecting too much. SMART errors however are reported by the drive itself so in the case of the first problem the controller seems to be innocent
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