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I have two Asus HD 4850 TOP in crossfire. With a dual-monitor setup, how should I connect the DVI cables? One monitor to each card or two monitors to one? And if I have to connect one to each card, do I have to match the same coloured DVI ports (like dual-channel RAMs plugged in to the same coloured channels)?

And lastly, for crossfire, do I have to connect both cards with TWO CF cables, or is one cable enough?

Thanks a lot for the help!
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  1. if i,m correct you can't use crossfire with dual monitors. you would have to run 1 card for 1 monitor.

    this was also the case with nvidia untill recently with a new driver update that alowed them to run sli with dual monitors.
  2. Well I don't have a problem running 1 card for 1 monitor, but does it mean I'll be seeing the same image on both monitor? Or can I still use the 2nd monitor as an extended desktop (like the usual dual-monitor setup)?
  3. You can crossfire with 2 monitors. If you want crossfire enabled connect both monitors to one card. As far as the CF cables, ATI recommends using two of them for the 4850's...

    I have 2 4850's running a 3 monitors setup. I have my gaming monitor connected to one card and the other two monitors connected to the second card. For most games I dont need the power of crossfire so I can leave the 2nd and 3rd screens on with the tv running etc.. When I do want extra power I can enable crossfire pushing all the power to my primary monitor but this disables the 2nd and 3rd screen.
  4. wow....might be a great idea getting
  5. LOL wow that is a really interesting setup indeed.. I might have to think about doing that when I have the extra money to get a 3rd monitor! heh
  6. I had a pic of my setup online but the file hosting ended, I'll get another pic up soon. I actually just replaced my side monitors a month ago. Now I have 3 LG's, the center is a 22 inch with 2 ms response, the two sides are LG 21.6 inch with 5 ms response. I'm a multi-tasker so the extra screen real estate comes in handy.
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