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For some reason, Windows XP is not booting correctly on my computer.I am worried, because he I many important data files in several locations on my hard drive. I do not know which files are located in which folders.I am also worried about losing my saved e-mail addresses, individual e-mails, and my favorite links on Microsoft Internet Explorer®. I have tried everything I know to try to recover my computer, but nothing works. My system is corrupted beyond repair. What should I do I know I will have to reinstall Windows XP.
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  1. If you don't know where you files are or how to save Favorites, I'm betting there are lots of things you have not tried. What is the exact issue that is happening?

    If you want to re-install Windows, buy a new hard-drive, and install it on that, that way all your files will stay on the old drive and you don't have to worry about deleting them by accident.
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