Extremely Low 3dMark06 score.

Hey everyone, I was wondering if you guys could possibly give me a reason as to my my 3dMark06 score is so low? 6808?


Windows Vista x64
AMD Phoenom X4 9600 Black edition @ 2.31ghz
Asus m2n32-SLI Deluxe
4gb Mushkin extreme performance
BFG geforce gtx 260 OC maxcore

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Driver conflict or your card is running 1x or 4x instead of 16x.

  2. I dont think thats the problem
  3. i think it's your cpu since it is an older phenom with the bug, if i,m not mistaking when using that cpu with the bug patch it will reduce the 3dmark06 quite a bit.
  4. I was wondering if it had something to do with my cpu. Bug patch? I don't have that installed
  5. then i,m not sure if it is the cpu, from what i recall the score was low when having the patch installed. :s
  6. could it possibly be a problem with the graphic card? I just got it yesterday
  7. i doubt it, what was your score with your old gpu? and what type was that?
  8. To tell you the truth I never ran it with my older card it was xfx g.f.9600gt i was running GTA IV with my old card and when i tried it with my new card, I didn't see any difference
  9. Try to download the latest Nvidia driver first of all, tweak settings accordingly, check temps on graphics card idle and full load, could be a software bug, could be the AMD bottlenecking wouldnt be surprised, think it says that on all new cpu packages "guaranteed to Bottleneck or your money back!" j/k
  10. 3DMARK06 is very CPU intensive, my score is about 3k points lower than it should because i run a 4400 X2. Your GFX is fine here, your CPU is the limiting factor.

    the good news is the CPU doesnt have much of an impact on game performance, the majority of games stress the Graphics card more than the CPU, few exceptions are things like Supreme Comander.
  11. put your old card back in and run it as a comparison.

    and get a phenom II. lol.

    Really, i think it is your cpu.
  12. i get the same with a athlon 64 3500+ and a 9600gt o_O
    you should try different cards and cpus, and check bios settings etc!
  13. There is something wrong, somewhere. I benchmark 8900 in 3D Mark 06 with a socket 939 4600x2 and an 8800GTS OC 512, at stock speed (2.4ghz). If I clock the CPU to to 3.0, and the 8800 to 775 core, I hit a little over 10,000.

    Ignore the posts about your CPU sucking, blah, blah. (although you do have a problem, perhaps the CPU is not running at full speed?) It ain't a screamer by todays standards, but it should be benching higher than what you are getting.But, for what it is worth, benchmarks are not everything. How does it do in the games you run? That is what is most important.
  14. JIT is nice, listen to him ;)
  15. i also think you cpu is not that bad, 2.31ghz is a bit low, but not that much. You can still try to OC it. reaching 2.8 - 3.0 would be nice. but its a driver or PCIE not 16x issue.

    P.S. Asus is the worst web site in the WORLD ! im try for 20 min to log on and nothing .. GLOBAL .. CANADA ... nothing ...
  16. WOW ! i finally logged on ASUS france ! thanks god i speak french !

    Your mobo have 2 pxie 16x slot .. well i dont think the PCI is an issue, you can still try the card on the BLACK slot just to test it.

    Your RAM is running DUAL channel ?? be sure tu use 1 yellow and one black.

    Edit i ; Refer to your user manual !
  17. Thanks all of you guys. I appreciate the ppl with sensible imputs. All my drivers are up to date. Honestly I don't see a difference in the games in comparision to my older card (xfx 9600gt) The cpu I have is quad-core @2.31ghz. How would i possibly know if the cpu is not running at full speed? My ram is running dual channel. I'm starting to think is the pci-e slot. I'm going to try the secondary slot and see what happens
  18. I don't think 3Dmark06 as CPU intensive...
  19. @ladiezlover; Download and run GPUZ which will tell you a lot about your card and CPUZ which will tell you about you MB/CPU/RAM.
    With both running, run 3Dmark and check the speed graphs at the end of the run, you should see large speed changes in both CPU and GPU graphs.
    3DMark 06 IS hard on the CPU, and your scores and game performance should be much better with the faster card.
  20. meodowla said:
    I don't think 3Dmark06 as CPU intensive...

    So why else would your score be so low then?

  21. Thats with an overclocked q6600 and 8800GTS 512 , so there is deffinetely something wrong.
  22. All those post have 10-15% more speed than the OP have ... he run at 2.31ghz.

    But the OP score is still very low for the speed.

    @coozi, he posted a GPUZ screenshot.

    Edit 1 : You tryed completely UNINSTALL gpu driver, and reinstall fresh ? Same with mobo ?

    Reaching 3.0 with this X4 can still help ALOT.
  23. ok now you CAN worry, i decided to test my system after this thread and got...8720.

  24. Holy moly, Have you checked for virusses or spyware? Might be your ram thats being an issue, try running with one stick (and swap them). I had one of my corsair xms failing and it was causing slowdowns.
  25. Flakes said:
    ok now you CAN worry, i decided to test my system after this thread and got...8720.


    That CPU score is really low. My E6750@ 3.7Ghz gets around 3200 3DMarks. Your low CPU score can have an effect on the low GPU score as well.
  26. yea i know one-shot, but the low CPU doesnt effect games in real games, just the benchmarks i have no problems running games maxed out.

    anyway this isnt about my low 3dmark score its about ladiez low score, i only posted mine to show that even a slower machine could have a higher score.
  27. hmm. This almost has to be a driver issue.

    My old Phenom 9500 with CF 3870's did 8800 with x8/x8 lanes, and with a new mb did 11,300 with x16/x16 lanes.

    While I can see CF 3870's out performing a 260 in 3dmark, not by that much, and not if you have one card on a x16 lane...
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